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Opening ceremonyOpening Remarks, Welcome Address, Keynote Speech

Donggyou Choi Donggyou ChoiKIPO
Taekeun Rhee Taekeun RheeKIPI
Youngtack Shim Youngtack ShimVice President,
LES Korea

SESSION AMaximizing IP for Your Business

Nigel Hsu Nigel Hsu
Steve Joroff Steve JoroffIBM
Yong-gwi Ahn Yong-gwi Ahn
Hanon Systems
Sungjae Hwang Sungjae Hwang
Future Play

SESSION BExploring Global IP Issues

Benjamin Hughes Benjamin HughesSNU

SESSION CCapturing IP Trends in Technology

Hyundai Motor In-wan KangHyundai Motor
Tae-Eon Koo Tae-Eon KooTEK & LAW



PATINEX was a fascinating exploration of the issues affecting patent professionals. I highly recommend it for anyone interested in a preview of where the field is headed...


Jon Orwant
Engineering manager, Patents


It was a unique opportunity to get first hand information on Korean Patent Information and at the exhibition to get in contact with vendors or patent information...


Monika Hanelt
Patent Documentation Group


“There are many patent information events around the world but few provide the depth of content and value that a participant receives when they attend PATINEX. A key component...


Anthony Trippe
Managing Director
Patinformatics, LLC
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